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  • Types of Ribbon

    Ribbons, with their eye-catching colors and designs, can accent a simple project and transform it into a special one. Alternatively, they can be folded, looped, sewn, and glued into chic and trendy accessories that stand on their own.
  • The projects are grouped into four main chapters: a beautiful collection of hair accessories and jewelry, some eye-catching gift wrapping ideas and presentation boxes, a wide range of floral designs and a wonderful gallery showing additional uses for your new ribbon creations.
  • FABRIC Blooms

    Bedeck your tresses with sweet daisy hairpins, embellish your lapel with a boutonniere of felted thistles, drape your doorway with a pretty posy garland, and fall in love with the timeless yet modern art of making fabric flowers

    Felt I like to buy wool felt by the yard so I can work with large pieces at a time. It can be tricky to source 100% wool felt yardage, but you may be able to find wool blends at your local fabric store in a limited selection of colors. I buy my yardage online at woolfeltcentral.com. The ladies who run that site are wonderfully accommodating and helpful. Online auction sites and Etsy.com are other good places to start a search for good-quality felt yardage. Felt is my favorite material to work with because it’s so easy to sew, doesn’t unravel, and lends itself well to embelishment.
  • Why I Love Ribbons

    A lifelong crafter, I began creating hair bows when my older daughter headed off to kindergarten wearing a very plain school uniform. I wanted her to feel just a little bit special, and have a hint of a personal touch, a token of beauty, a reflection of style. I soon realized that’s what ribbons do wherever they’re used. Inexpensive but beautiful, ribbons always beg for a smile. And because most ribbon projects are easy to learn and quick to complete, anyone can steal a moment to finish a “pretty little something.”
  • Fabric Stiffener

    Sometimes you’ll want to hold layers of fabric together when you’re cutting fringe or petals, or when you’re stitching layers of fabric together. I’ve found that using your everyday office-type binder clips is the perfect fit for clamping fabric together without creasing or tearing it.
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